Why We Use Enphase Micro-Inverters in Our Solar Installations
Today’s solar panels convert free sunshine into direct current (DC) electricity.  But most of the appliances in your home or business use alternating current (AC) electricity.

In order to convert the energy from your panels into usable electricity, your solar installation must include an inverter.

There are many different types of solar power inverters on the market, but at Sunline Energy, we use using micro-inverters for many of our installations.

Let’s explore why.

The Benefits of Micro-Inverter Technology

A standard solar power inverter connects to multiple panels throughout your installation.  If one of the panels becomes partially shaded or covered with debris, the clean energy output of the entire system goes down dramatically.

But with micro-inverters, you connect the technology to each individual panel separately.  So if one panel becomes covered or malfunctions, the problem remains localized.

Another major advantage of micro-inverter technology is maximum power point tracking (MPPT).  This ensures that each individual solar panel generates optimal power output at any given time.  In fact, your system can deliver up to 20% to 25% more clean energy when MPPT is enabled.

Why We Choose Enphase Micro-Inverters

There exist many competing micro-inverter manufacturers on the market.  But Enphase has become the standard for most solar power installations (if you do a simple Google search of “micro-inverter,” you can see this for yourself).  Enphase is the undisputed “workhorse” of the industry.

But why?

The answer is simple.  Enphase offers the perfect blend of cost, reliability, and power output.

  • Enphase offers industry-leading warranties of 25 years.  This ensures that you’ll receive decades of clean, uninterrupted power.
  • Enphase continues to outperform many of the other leading micro-inverter technologies on the market.  This ensures that your solar panels deliver as much power per square meter as possible.
  • Enphase offers real-time monitoring, allowing you to track the performance of your solar installation – either on your home computer or smartphone.

Any one of these advantages alone would be enough to make Enphase the clear choice for most solar installers (and solar energy customers).  But taken together, these benefits can dramatically reduce the payback period of your installation.  And that their high endurance micro-inverters are affordably priced makes the decision even easier.

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