Uber Drivers Pushing Solar Panel Logo
It’s not unusual to receive solar photovoltaic (PV) solicitations in the mail. In fact, you’re probably already inundated with offers on a regular basis.

Some installers might also contact you via phone – often right in the middle of dinner.

All of this is fair game of course. The solar industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and contractors will do everything they can to win new customers.

But we recently came across a very unusual approach for pushing solar PV panels. Taxi services – Uber and Lyft – have just launched a new initiative that could make rides a lot chattier in the future.

Pushing Solar PV Panels on Unsuspecting Passengers

Geostellar is one of the more popular online marketplaces for solar PV technology. And the company is now enlisting Uber and Lyft drivers to push solar installations on their passengers.

You get into the taxi, close the door, and then the “sales pitch” begins.

That’s how the basic workflow breaks down anyway.

Right now, this Uber/Lyft initiative is still in its testing phase, with roughly 50 drivers enrolled in Washington DC, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, and New York.

But the concept could spread if this initial pilot project succeeds.

The question is – will it succeed?

On the one hand, no one likes being sold to – especially during brief taxi rides. Most of us would rather just stare out the window or play with our phones.

And yet, early results suggest that this innovative marketing tactic could actually produce measurable results. Already, Uber and Lyft drivers have generated 220+ legitimate sales, each of which yields about $1,000 in commissions for the driver.

That’s a pretty hefty incentive. Any driver who manages to sell one installation a week can boost his or her base salary by more than $50,000 a year. Given that the average Uber driver makes around $40,000 annually (after taxes and expenses), this program represents a doubling of income.

Note that Uber itself isn’t encouraging this program. In fact, the company actively discourages in-car advertising of any kind. But since each individual driver enjoys a certain degree of autonomy, there isn’t much the rideshare company can do about it.

No one can say for certain whether this marketing program will succeed. The true test will be whether passengers start punishing drivers with bad reviews and negative stars.

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