10 Reasons to go solar in San diego
Are you looking for a good reason to go solar in San Diego today?

How about 10 good reasons?

Over the past several weeks, we’ve surveyed many of our satisfied customers to learn why they decided to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on their rooftops.    After compiling the results, we’ve selected our Top 10 reasons to go solar today.

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1.  Save Money

The biggest benefit of going solar is savings.  Once your solar panels begin harvesting free sunshine, watch your monthly electricity bill plummet – sometimes to $0 and beyond.

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2.  Make Money

Saving money is great.  But did you know you can also make money from your solar installation?  With tradable renewable energy credits and increased property values, solar is a terrific way to earn passive income with each sunrise.

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3.  Save the Planet

Installing solar panels on your rooftop can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint – sometimes to zero CO2 emissions.  Continued reliance on grid utility power will only make global warming and climate change worse.

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4.  Protect Your Health

Having a cleaner planet and healthier body go hand-in-hand.  If you’re worried about the air you breathe and the water you drink, it’s worth taking a closer look at what installing solar panels can do for you, your kids, and your grandkids.

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5.  Local Green Jobs

Solar installation jobs cannot be outsourced to China or other parts of the world.  Every new solar PV project helps to create local, green jobs that stay right here in San Diego.  Give your community a boost by going solar today.

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6.  National Security

Continued reliance on fossil fuel is making our country less safe and less secure.  We often import energy from countries that hate us.  And our government is forced to commit military resources all over the planet to protect our oil interests.  But solar is an infinite source of clean, domestic energy.

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7.  Stronger Economy

When our country reduces foreign oil imports and excessive military spending, we have a lot more money in our budget for more important things like health care, education, and renewable energy.  Make our economy stronger by going solar today.

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8.  Energy Independence

Are you tired of blackouts?  Do you hate “renting” electricity from the local utility company?  Want to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse (if and when it comes)?  Going solar transforms you from a needy energy “renter” to an independent energy “producer.”

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9.  Corporate Social Responsibility

As a residential solar client, demonstrate to friends and neighbors that you’re part of the solution (and not the problem).  As a commercial solar client, demonstrate to customers that you care deeply about the environment (and watch your profits grow).

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10.  Stick It to the Man

Send a message to Big Oil and tell them that you’re tired of paying money month after month so they can reap record, non-taxable profits year after year.  Let the fossil fuel industry know that you don’t need them anymore now that you’re able to create your own clean and free electricity.

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Need More Reasons to Go Solar in San Diego?

And there you have it.  10 excellent reasons to go solar in San Diego.  But we have 1 additional reason why you should go solar today (as in right now).

California has a ton of great solar incentives – many of which are set to expire or undergo major changes in the coming months.  If you want to receive the best possible price on your installation, it is important that you act quickly.  Otherwise, you’ll miss out on some of the free money and giveaways designed to make your solar installation more affordable.

To learn how Sunline Energy can help with your transition to a sun-powered lifestyle, contact us today for a free consultation.  You pay absolutely nothing to begin exploring your solar options.

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