The #1 Reason to Go Solar in San Diego – Savings

A few weeks ago, we covered some of the most common solar myths – 10 popular reasons people give for why you should NOT go solar in San Diego.  And we deconstructed each one of these myths one at a time.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll turn our attention to the Top 10 reasons why you should go solar.  And we’ll start with the #1 benefit of all – savings.

Going Solar in San Diego Saves You Money – Starting on Day 1

When you install solar panels on your residential or commercial property, you enjoy instant electricity bill savings.

Starting on Day 1.

In fact, it’s possible to reduce your electricity bill to $0.  Some lucky San Diego homeowners even receive negative electricity bills from the utility company.  All of this is possible thanks to the County’s net metering program, which allows you to sell excess solar electricity at a profit.

Just imagine what an extra $200 in your pocket would feel like month after month.  We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses throughout the area accomplish exactly that.

Going Solar Saves $$$ for the Next 25 to 40 Years

Installing solar panels also gives you long-term savings.  With a well-installed system, you can have lower electricity bills for the next 25 to 40 years.

And the best part is, your savings only grow with time.

This is because utility rates are constantly on the rise.  In San Diego last year, SDG&E raised its rates 40% for some customers.  And these prices could go up an additional 24% in 2014.

Let’s put those numbers into perspective.

Imagine your current electricity bill is about $200, and you install enough solar panels to reduce your monthly utility bill to $0.  You’re now saving $200 a month.

But then, SDG&E raises its rates by 40%.  Now you’re actually saving $280 every month.  If SDG&E increases its prices by an additional 24%, your panels are helping you save $347 a month.

Keep in mind that you haven’t done anything special at all.  Your solar panels (and SDG&E) are doing all the hard work for you.  Each subsequent price hike results in higher savings, and thus, a higher return on your investment.

In other words, your solar panels become more valuable with each passing year (for the next 25 to 40 years).

Stay Tuned for the Next Reason to Go Solar in San Diego

For most of our customers, instant and long-term savings are reason enough to go solar.  But we’ve only just begun (with 9 more reasons to go).

So be sure to check in tomorrow when we look at Reason #2.

But if you’re ready to begin exploring your solar options today, contact us for your free, no-obligation inspection.  It costs you nothing to receive a solar quote from Sunline Energy.