Sunline Energy Makes List of Top San Diego Solar Installers

At Sunline Energy, we don’t do it for the glory or the praise.  Like most San Diego solar installers, we do it to help our community become stronger – both environmentally and economically.

Solar is an energy-saving, job-creating, Earth-protecting technology that we’re eager to share with the world.


It’s refreshing when our efforts to spread solar receive recognition from our peers.

Industry magazine, Solar Power World, recently included us in its list of the top 250 solar installers across the country.  We came in at #159.

17 other solar installers on the list are from San Diego County, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.  After all, our 1 county has more than 7% representation in a national index of top installers.

Congrats to All San Diego Solar Installers

A heart-felt congrats goes to all the other San Diego solar installers on the list.

We’re honored to be in such excellent company.

We’re even prouder that San Diego (as a whole) enjoys such a strong showing in the solar game.  We’ve said it a thousand times before, but our great city is ideally positioned to harness free and clean energy from the sun.

As electricity prices continue to rise, we wouldn’t be surprised if even more San Diego solar installers make the list next year or the year after.  Utility prices go up.  Panel prices fall.  And solar just becomes more and more irresistible to average homeowners and businesses throughout the region.

For a handy guide on the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy, click here and here.

So What’s Next for Sunline Energy?

Now that the commotion is over, what will we do with our newfound fame?

Probably not much.  We’re happy for the shout out.  It’s proof positive that we’re making substantial contributions to our community.

But for us, it’s back to business as usual.  List or no list, we’re on a mission to outfit every rooftop in San Diego County with affordable and environmentally safe solar panel technology.

If we do our job right, the air will become a little bit cleaner to breathe.  The water even safer to drink.  And our local economy will become even stronger as new green jobs emerge to replace the inevitable demise of our fossil fuel dependence.

Having a cleaner and more sustainable community is praise enough.

However, if we happen to make next year’s list of top national or top San Diego solar installers, that’s just icing on the cake.

If you’re in the market for a solar installation and want to work with an industry-recognized leader in the game, contact us today for a free consultation.