california solar energy accounts for 5% of states electricity 2015
According to a recent report by Environment California, Los Angeles is the #1 city in America when it comes to solar capacity (132 MW).

The #2 spot goes to the San Diego solar power industry, with a total of 107 MW of installed capacity.

By all measures, this is an impressive feat.  To be #2 nationwide is simply incredible.  And remember that San Diego’s population is about 1.3 million compared to LA, which has 3.8 million.

So why is San Diego doing so well?

San Diego Is Ideally Positioned to Harness Solar Energy

The secret behind our success is very simple:

  • We have enviable, year-round sunshine.  Simply put, San Diego has more solar potential than other PV hotspots like New Jersey, Ontario, or Germany
  • We have expensive grid electricity – and prices are constantly on the rise.  This is a critically important factor.  As grid electricity rates increase, the relative cost of installing solar goes down.
  • We have awesome solar incentives to help make installing panels even cheaper.  However, many incentives are set to expire – so it’s to your benefit to act fast.

Our Solar Growth Is Impressive – but Not Impressive Enough

Obviously, we have much to be proud of.  The same is true of Los Angeles (kudos to you guys).

But as impressive as this growth is, it’s not nearly enough.

For starters, both of our cities lag behind Wilmington, Delaware and Burlington, Vermont when it comes to per capita solar capacity.  There’s simply no reason why these wintry destinations should beat us out in this category.

But perhaps more gravely, the planet is in crisis.  As covered yesterday, the IPCC issued some very serious warnings about global warming and what steps the world needs to take in order to stop (or delay) the devastating effects of climate change.

If we’re serious about protecting the environment for future generations, there’s clearly a lot more we need to do.

And it all begins with you.

Embrace San Diego Solar Power and Protect the Planet

Going solar is a relatively easy decision for many San Diego homeowners.  In fact, the decision is so easy that our tiny city successfully claimed the #2 slot for nationwide solar capacity.

But we’re here to make that decision even easier for you.  After all, you already:

  • Have the resources to go solar, thanks to incentives, lots of sunshine, and affordable solar financing.
  • Understand the stakes.  The planet is in crisis, the environment is in danger, and global warming is on the rise.

But probably most important – you personally benefit financially when you decide to go solar.  From the moment your panels become operational, your monthly electricity bills go down (on Day 1).  And once your system is fully paid for, it’s possible to enjoy decades (yes decades) of 100% free and clean electricity.

The environment wins.  Your pocketbook wins.  San Diego wins (especially if we beat out Los Angeles next year).  Pretty much everyone but Big Oil wins if you decide to go solar today.

At the very least, you should begin exploring your options.  Remember that many solar incentives won’t be around in the months and years to come.  Why pay full price for a new installation when the government is prepared to subsidize your purchase?