San Diego Solar Maps Shows Large Amount of Solar Installations

If you have not gotten a chance to take a look at the San Diego Solar Map please go to

I highly suggest you do so. Having solar installed at your San Diego property is one of the best way to protect yourself from rising utility rates and put an end to electric bills.

San Diego Solar installations are very common now. There are most likely quite a few neighbors of yours who have already decided to go solar and if the panels are not visible from the front most people don’t even realize that a their neighbor has a solar power plant on their roof or on a backyard ground mount.

At Sunline Energy we work on all types of installations from solar installations in Fallbrook to Solar installations in Chula Vista, Riverside and beyond.

The reason is that solar saves people money. If it didn’t you would not see so many installations on the map above. California has a goal to have one million homes on solar power. If you notice many new home developers in San Diego are installing solar as an incentive and homeowners are choosing Sunline Energy for their solar needs due to our fair pricing and great customer service.

If you are sick and tired of throwing money away by paying the monopoly known as SDG&E and would like to cut your bill in half while still paying off your system simply fill out the form below for a free solar consultation and estimate from our experts at Sunline Energy.

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