San Diego Solar Installations Getting Cheaper and Cheaper?
In yesterday’s post, we explored how solar panel prices continue to fall year after year.  In the past 18 months alone, PV panel costs have dropped nearly 60%.

But you know what’s also getting cheaper?

The actual installations themselves (i.e. the labor or “soft costs”).

Why is that exactly?

How are solar installers throughout San Diego able to reduce their service costs?

Let’s explore.

San Diego Solar Installations – Declining “Soft Costs”

There are many factors that influence these falling labor costs.  But 3 of the biggest include:

1.  Merging Best Practices
The first few solar installations ever performed were very expensive.  Installers had to “feel” their way around.

In short, they made mistakes.

But as the industry matured, installers gained important experience and insights.  We now have access to a whole host of best practices.

This means that the average installer can do the job faster, better, and cheaper today than he could have 10 years ago.

2.  Standardization and Processing
Similar to the above, the entire solar application process has become much more streamlined.  It’s easier than ever to apply for:

This means shorter wait times.  Less paperwork.  And lower installation costs.

3.  Increased Competition

There are more solar installers in San Diego today than at any time in history.

This is both good and bad.

It’s good because you have way more options.  And solar installers are forced to compete on price (to a certain extent).

It’s bad because the quality of installations is much more variable.  There are many terrific solar installers throughout San Diego.  But there are also many “low quality” contractors as well.

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So Should You Wait to Install Solar Panels on Your Property?

This is a popular question.  After all, if both panel prices and labor costs continue to fall, doesn’t it make sense to wait?

We’ve covered this topic many times before (here and also in yesterday’s post).

But waiting won’t necessarily bring you higher savings.  In fact, the longer you delay, the more expensive your system becomes, due to expiring incentives.

In addition, you also have to factor in the extra cost of continued reliance on the utility grid.  As SDG&E raises its rates, you’re monthly electricity bills will only get larger.

The sooner you opt-out of the utility game, the better.

Ready to Begin Exploring Your Solar Options?

Are you thinking about going solar?

Interested in enjoying lower monthly electricity bills for the next 25 – 40 years?

Are you intrigued by the possibility of having the utility companies pay you for your excess clean energy?

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