San Diego Named #1 Solar City in the Country (or Is It #2)?
Earlier this week, we covered how Environment California recently named San Diego the country’s #2 solar city – second only to Los Angeles in total installed capacity.

But according to the California Solar Initiative, our son-drenched oasis is actually the #1 solar city – a conclusion reached by Environment California in 2012 and 2013.

#1 or #2?  Where does San Diego stand in the rankings?

At a certain point, it doesn’t really matter.  That we even made it on any of these lists is a testament to the awesome solar programs that are equally awesome city promotes – including:

  • The Multi-Family Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) Program
  • The San Diego Sustainable Building Policy

And these are just at the state and local level.  You also have the federal tax credit and countless other programs designed to encourage solar adoption.

But with only 107 MW of total installed capacity across the city, San Diego has barely scratched the surface.  It’s terrific to be recognized as a leader in the solar industry, but we still have so much more work ahead of us.

San Diego Solar Industry Still in Its Early Stages

At Sunline Energy, we put up new installations almost daily.  And our competitors are engaged in the same work – day in and day out.  In fact, there really isn’t enough qualified installation labor to keep up with soaring demand for lower electricity bills and smaller carbon footprints.

But this isn’t enough.  Not nearly enough.

  • Our job isn’t done until every rooftop in San Diego is covered with sustainable, affordable, non-polluting solar PV panels.  And every homeowner has an electric vehicle or some other type of green automobile that doesn’t rely on fossil fuel.
  • Our mission doesn’t end until San Diego becomes a net-zero city that produces no carbon pollution.  If Lancaster, CA can do it, we certainly can.  After all, we have just as much sunshine, much better solar incentives, and a terrific head start.

But the ultimate goal isn’t bragging rights.  It doesn’t really matter if we’re #1, #2, or #20.  The goal is long-term sustainability.  Help us get Big Oil out and let the sunshine in.

When You Go Solar, Everyone Wins (except Big Oil)

We’re not asking for charity.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.

We’re presenting you with a terrific opportunity to do right by the planet (and still benefit financially).  After all, solar energy is:

  • Great for San Diego’s economy.  It creates green jobs, stimulates economic growth, and reduces outsourcing.
  • Great for the environment.  Less pollution, smaller carbon footprints, and cleaner air.
  • Great for your pocketbook.  You enjoy instant savings on Day 1.  And once your system is fully paid for, you enjoy decades of clean and free electricity.

The benefits of going solar are tangible.  They are very real.  And they’re immediate.

And the best part is, it costs you nothing to begin exploring your solar options.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We’ll inspect your property (free of charge) and draft up a concise solar proposal that outlines costs and savings.  You can decide for yourself whether or not solar make sense for you.