encinitas solar installation pic by sunline energy

We recently completed a 4.35kW Olivenhain Solar Installation Black on Black High Efficiency Panels which is going to be offsetting the roughly $150 per month the home owner was paying.

HERO Program

Sunline Energy Community Power Program partnered with RENOVATE AMERICA


The HERO Programs help local economies and the environment by providing homeowners with much-needed financing for energy and water efficient home improvements and renewable energy systems. Communities with HERO Programs have increased construction activity, created jobs, lowered utility bills, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Through the HERO Program, homeowners can apply for low cost HERO Financing for home improvements such as installing solar, replacing an old air conditioning system, air sealing and weatherization, and installing insulation.

Homeowners repay the financing through their property tax bill over the useful life of the installed products.

HERO Financing = Good for the San Diego Economy, Good for San Diego Homeowners, Good for San Diego’s Environment

HERO Program Basics

Renovate America partners with local governments to launch co-branded HERO Programs and provide HERO Financing within communities. Renovate America offers full service support and funding for HERO Programs. HERO Financing is low cost, fixed interest rate financing for a broad range of energy and water efficient products and renewable energy systems. Homeowners repay the HERO Financing through their property tax bill. Besides Solar we are also able to finance the following eligible products:

  • Heating Cooling and Ventilation (HVAC)
  • Insulation
  • Cool Roof System
  • Air Sealing and Weatherization
  • Water Heating
  • Windows, Skylights, and Doors
  • Pool Equipment
  • Lighting Measures
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Efficiency


  • Financing for Home Improvements that Make Sense
  • Overview
  • HERO Financing
  • Eligible
  • Products

HERO Financing is low cost financing for energy and water efficient products and renewable energy systems. HERO Financing enables homeowners to improve their home energy performance, lower their utility bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

HERO Financing is offered through local governments’ HERO Programs. Before a homeowner can apply for HERO Financing, their local government must launch a HERO Program.

Quick Approvals – Applications can be approved for qualified homeowners through their local HERO Program online application or when contractors call-in applications.

Non-Credit Based Eligibility Criteria – Homeowners’ credit scores are not a factor in determining HERO Financing eligibility.

Low Cost Financing – HERO Financing has low interest rates that are fixed throughout the length of a homeowner’s financing term.

Long Financing Terms – HERO Financing can be paid back over 5-20 years, depending on the useful life of the eligible home improvement.

Easy Repayment – Homeowners repay the financing along with their property taxes.

A homeowner in a participating community can apply for HERO Financing simply contact us below to see if you qualify, we can even do it over the phone. Call us at (800) 701-5022 or fill out the form below:

If you are thinking about solar or have any questions please call us at (858) 252-2280 or fill out the contact from below and we will reach out shortly.



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