How To Maximize Your Solar Energy System with a Battery Storage
Battery Storage isn’t a new concept, and there is still several misconceptions and questions about its role in managing solar energy production and costs. Here are some top questions we hear about battery storage.

What is the importance of energy storage?

We recently learned that electric utility providers are likely to utilize public safety power shutoffs to help mitigate loss and conserve energy, as we saw this last summer in California and in February in Texas. During power outages, solar panels must also be turn off to ensure safety. In response to this, many solar-powered homeowners have searched for products that can provide continuous power during an outage. Storage can be seen as an important first step in a future in which utilities will shift away from relying on large power plants in favor of distributed resources (known as distributed energy resources, or DER).

During an outage, how does solar + storage work?

Microgrids can be established to supply electricity during an outage. They system mimics the electricity provided by the utility grid. When a grid outage is detected with a storage battery storage, the microgrid kicks on in milliseconds (the lights in your home barely flicker). To preserve the battery that powers refrigerators, lights, and the pumps in the home. In such situations, non-essential appliances such as air conditioners are usually turned off. This system is designed to operate harmoniously for a short time — and in the worst case, for a week — until grid power is restored.

Is storage beneficial to the grid?

Whatever storage system is used, solar power benefits the grid and relieves the pressure on utilities. Adding storage lessens that load. Utilitie Companies are considering ways to engage with storage customers more actively in the future to provide grid stability. This will be crucial as renewables become more prevalent.

Is my existing Solar Panel System compatible with Any Storage Battery?

Batteries can be added to a grid-tied solar system with relatively little difficulty; however, the level of difficulty is influenced by how the system was designed.

What is the reason for the high cost of storage?

We have learned over the course of 10+ years of solarizing homes that each one is different. To understand how power is used in homes and how electrical wiring is installed, a deeper dive into the anatomy of the home is necessary for storage. In addition to robust hardware and energy management systems, every home needs custom installation. Fortunately, the equipment itself has become significantly cheaper. As with solar power, these custom installations are installed by licensed professionals at a cost.

How valuable is storage?

Aside from the clear economics of solar panels, the value of solar + storage is spread over factors such as grid reliability, utility programs, and emergency needs of homeowners. At this point, the value of storage is unique to the homeowner. Additionally, utility companies are beginning to see the benefits of using storage. We can anticipate them continuing to modify their policies to incentivize homeowners to install storage along with their solar.

Currently, utilities are offering daily incentives for homeowners with solar and storage to use their batteries at times when utility prices are high.

As a result, solar battery storage is a reliable and beautiful solution. Storage costs will vary from house to house in the United States, but the price and functionality of the technologies are set to transform how the world and this country are powered.

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