Grandpa, Why Didn’t You Ever Contact a San Diego Solar Contractor?
The year is 2053.  Pollution is at an all time high.  So are your monthly utility bills.

You’re having the following conversation with your grandchild as she tries to understand why you never bothered to contact a San Diego solar contractor – even after all these years.

Little Jenny: Grandpa, the sea levels have risen so much over the past 40 years.  The skies are gray.  Countless species are no longer with us.

What steps did you take as a young adult to prevent this?

You: Good question sweetheart.  Well, I recycled my plastics.  I bought a fuel-efficient car.  And I switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Little Jenny: But why didn’t you go solar like so many of your neighbors did?

You: Well, solar is just so expensive.  I didn’t think it was worth the cost.

Little Jenny: Not so Grandpa.  San Diego’s solar industry reached grid parity back in 2014.  In that year, the cost of going solar vs. the cost of relying on the utility grid was roughly the same.  In every year since, utility prices have risen while solar panel costs have fallen.

Solar isn’t just economically viable – it’s actually way cheaper than NOT going solar.

You: Oh, really?  Well, I was also put off by all the hassle.  So much paperwork.  So many forms.  Really just a bother if you ask me.

Little Jenny: Also not true, Grandpa.  Most San Diego solar contractors actually handle the paperwork on your behalf.  As full service providers, they do all of the legwork for you.  You just sit back and watch your utility bills go down.

You: Oh.  Wow.  That’s cool.  Well, I also didn’t know where to start.  I mean – how does one actually go solar?  Who do you call?

Little Jenny:  That one’s easy, Grandpa.  A simple Google search of “San Diego solar contractor” would have given you plenty of results.

And because most installers offer free evaluations, there’s zero risk to you.  Just schedule an appointment, review your options, and decide whether solar makes sense for you.

You: I suppose you’re right.  But I don’t like change.  Even with the potential benefits of switching, I guess I’m just lazy.

Little Jenny: Perhaps.  But had you gone solar in 2014, you could have saved tens of thousands of dollars in electricity bills.  Moreover, the sky would be a little bluer, and the sea levels a little lower.

You: Fair enough.  Well, is it too late to go solar now?

Little Jenny: Grandpa, it’s never too late to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your monthly electricity bills.

You: Great.  What do I need to do?

Little Jenny: Simple.  Just contact Sunline Energy for a free, no-risk quote.  That’s it.

You: Thanks sweetheart.

Little Jenny: You’re welcome Grandpa.