Different Ways to Use Solar Power in San Diego
If you ask most San Diego solar customers why they installed panels, you’ll usually hear 1 of 2 different answers.

  • I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint.  Global warming is a serious issue, and installing solar panels allows me to protect the environment.
  • I wanted to reduce my monthly electricity bill.  Solar helps me save money – both today and whenever utility companies increase their rates in the future.

But these environmental and financial benefits only scratch the surface.

Yes, you can use solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint or lower your electricity bill.  But there are a ton of other ways to use solar power.

Let’s review.

7 Other Ways to Use Solar Power

Here’s a quick list of other uses for solar energy.

1.  Charge Your EV
This is a popular option for many California residents.  With a large enough solar installation, you can use the excess power to charge your electric vehicle (EV).

In fact, nearly 40% of EV owners in the state also have solar installed on their properties.

Imagine never having to go to the gas station again.

2.  Heating Your Home or Pool
Have a gas furnace?  What if you could eliminate this utility bill as well?  Switch out the gas furnace with an electric one – and warm or cool your home with sunshine instead.

You can do the same thing if you have a pool.

3.  Boost Your Home’s Property Value
According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), solar panels can help increase the property value of your home.  For every $1 in annual electricity bill savings, your home’s price goes up by $20.

As an added benefit, your home will also sell twice as quickly (according to the DoE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy).

4.  Renegotiate Insurance Rates
This isn’t always the case, but some home insurance companies offer better rates to solar customers.  Environmentally conscious homeowners are seen as more responsible – and thus – less likely to file false claims.  Click here to read more.

5.  Give Back to the Community
San Diego’s net metering program allows you to sell excess electricity to the utility company at a profit.

That’s pretty cool since you directly benefit.

But you know who also benefits from your excess electricity?  Everyone.  The more power your system generates, the less power the utility company must source from fossil fuel.

And that excess electricity often stays within the local community.  In fact, it usually goes to the next closest house.

6.  Help Create Local Green Jobs

We’ve covered this before (here and here).  But solar power helps to create local jobs that can’t be outsourced.

7.  Strengthen the National Economy

We’ve also covered this as well (here and here).  But more domestic solar capacity means less imported oil.  It also means not having to deploy our Armed Forces as much.

Less government spending + greater energy security = stronger national economy.

Are There Other Ways to Use Solar Power?

This list is far from complete.  And we hope to add to it in the coming months.

If you can think of other terrific solar applications, let us know.

And as always, if you’re in the market for a professional installation by licensed contractors – request a free solar quote today.  J