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At Sunline Energy, we love to cover geeky news about game-changing solar inventions. And we recently came across one such story about how a California-based startup will soon launch SolPad – the world’s “first integrated solar energy solution.”

The SolPad combines solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, inverters, software, and batteries into a single device, which is roughly the size of a large iPad.

Once configured by the user, the SolPad can provide both grid-tied and off-grid electricity generated from clean sunshine. Even when the rest of the utility network goes down – due to power outages – this mobile solar energy device can continue delivering usable electricity. This is in sharp contrast to traditional solar PV systems that automatically shut off during blackouts.

But why is the SolPad considered a “game-changer?”

What Makes This Mobile Solar Energy Device so Unique?

One of the most exciting features about the SolPad is that there is no middleman involved. Users can theoretically purchase this device and integrate it directly into their properties without having to rely on traditional solar PV contractors.

In fact, the company believes its invention can reduce total installation costs by up to 50%.

Another major selling point is the sleekness of the design – the SolPad’s developers remained supremely focused on aesthetics, with the hopes of targeting a younger market. According to a company insider, “As solar moves to the millennial mainstream, more people will be motivated by these lifestyle benefits, which are buying factors that many solar installers companies completely ignore.”

And it’s true.

Solar PV technology isn’t terribly sexy. While users are often impressed by the savings and carbon offsets their solar power purchases produce, the actual hardware and integration don’t excite most customers.

According to company CEO, Christopher Estes,

“We’ve transformed solar – much like the smartphone revolutionized the personal computer sector, combining numerous components into a single device that’s significantly less expensive, more powerful, and easier to use than conventional systems.”

That being said, the SolPad is still a long way off from going mainstream. The product isn’t even available to the wider public yet, with the company hoping to bring the SolPad to market by the second half of 2017.

Moreover, to receive the financial and environmental benefits of this mobile solar energy device, you may need to invest in numerous units, which could get pretty expensive – even with the “50% savings” that the company promises.

If you are prepared to pay another 12 months of costly utility bills, the SolPad may be worth the wait. But if you’re looking to reap the benefits of going solar today, you’re probably better off contacting a reputable PV contractor in your neighborhood. The sooner you install solar panels, the sooner your savings can begin.

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