Can Scientists Predict Whether You’ll Go Solar in San Diego?
This story is almost out of some futuristic sci-fi novel, but it’s too cool to NOT share.

Researchers from Sandia National Laboratories are developing a model that can predict whether you will go solar.  And not just “in general” – but specifically whether you (personally) will go solar in San Diego.

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) is currently collecting consumer data to analyze what motivates one to invest in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.

Working with the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), SNL has already started surveying thousands of homeowners within San Diego County to pinpoint a number of financial, environmental, and demographic factors behind solar purchases.

Some of the variables include:

  • Square footage of homes
  • Local and national unemployment rates
  • Environmental awareness levels
  • Socioeconomic status

They’re even analyzing seemingly irrelevant factors like whether or not you own a backyard swimming pool.

Relevant or not, the current model is apparently 200% to 500% more accurate than most of the tools solar companies already use.

Why Does This Solar Prediction Model Even Matter?

There’s obviously huge marketing potential in a model that can predict whether or not certain segments of the population will go solar.  For an installation company like ours, it will make advertising much cheaper and way more effective.  After all, we’ll know exactly where, when, and to whom we should deliver our message.

But the true motivation behind this landmark study is much broader.

Solar energy represents less than 0.05% of the national electricity market.  But the Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative hopes to reach 14% penetration by 2030.  We have a lot of ground to cover, but the model may help us reach these ambitious goals within the next 16 years.

According to SNL’s project leader, Kiran Lakkaraju,

If we can develop effective and accurate predictive models, we can help identify policy variables that could increase purchases of residential PV systems and ultimately help advance the mission of the SunShot Initiative.”

In other words, SNL’s results could help pave the way for sensible green legislation in the form of stronger incentives and more supportive tax policies for solar consumers.

Are You Ready to Go Solar in San Diego?

It may be a while before this prediction model becomes mainstream.  But with 500% greater accuracy, the project is already off to a great start.

To be honest, we really don’t know whether you personally are ready to go solar.  However, we can come up with a ton of terrific reasons why you should begin exploring your options ASAP, including:

If these sound like benefits worth having, then give us a call or schedule a free appointment today.  Our team will analyze your property’s solar potential and come up with a proposal that fits your budget and long-term financial goals.

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