9 Reasons to Go Solar in San Diego Today, Part 2
In the first installment of this ongoing series, we explored 3 of the top reasons why an increasing number of San Diego homeowners and businesses are going solar, including:

  • healthier environment
  • healthier bodies
  • healthier bank accounts

Today, we’ll look at reasons 4 through 6 for why you should go solar today.

4. Solar Offers Energy Security

This is a big one for San Diego residents. Solar energy offers the promise of uninterrupted electricity – even when California’s entire utility grid goes down (as it sometimes does).

And we’re not just talking about daytime power either. Solar San Diego customers who purchase on-site battery storage can continue using their clean electricity even after the sun goes down.

While your neighbors struggle to recharge their phones or power their Internet routers, you remain connected to the larger world. Never be cut off again.

5. Solar Is Good for National Security

We import oil from countries that don’t always like us (to put it mildly). And when our overseas energy interests are under threat, we’re forced to commit our troops abroad.

No part of this equation is worth keeping.

We have all the energy we could ever need – and it’s not underground somewhere in Alaska. No – it falls down on us, every single day. Clean and free energy from the sun, just waiting to be harnessed.

And just so we’re clear, this isn’t liberal, tree-hugging propaganda. This comes straight from the US military. Developing domestic renewable energy is a national security issue.

Don’t believe us? Check out this documentary trailer for The Burden.

6. Solar Is Good for the Economy

Obviously, anytime someone orders a new solar installation in San Diego, it creates more local business opportunities for installers, contractors, electricians, finance officers, and city inspectors.

But solar doesn’t simply benefit San Diego’s local economy – it helps the entire nation’s.

How exactly?

[list type=”star”]

  • First of all, we reduce foreign oil imports. This saves us money – a lot of money.
  • Second, we create green jobs right here at home by manufacturing and installing more panels. In 2012 alone, America’s solar industry grew to a whopping $11.5 billion, adding 14,000 new jobs (during a recession).


And these impressive stats don’t factor in all of the secondary jobs created indirectly through solar – from warehousing to training to office administration.

Done correctly, the sun could power our entire economy. It creates jobs, business opportunities, investments, and of course, clean and free electricity.

Need More Reasons to Go Solar in San Diego Today?

We’re more than halfway through our Top 9 reasons to go solar, but perhaps you’re still not convinced that solar energy is the answer to all of the world’s problems.

Well, then stay tuned for the last and final installment.

And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re ready to learn more about your solar installation options. All initial consultations are 100% free.