6.7kW Solar Installation in Escondido
Our most recent Escondido Solar Installation was for John K – an 82 Year old retired Army officer who served his country in World War 2.

He was sick and tired of paying between $250-350 per month to SDG&E. When he contacted Sunline Energy he was setup for a system that not only offsets the vast majority of his electricity, but he can still save money.

Going solar makes sense at any age and John is proof of this.

His expert installation was done by the professional solar installers at Sunline Energy.

This decision to go solar with  Sunline Energy caused his bills to dropped to less than $15 per month. Since all Sunline Energy solar systems come with a 25 year warranty, the home owner knows that when he leaves his house to his kids, they will be able to enjoy free electricity for a long time to come!

Notice how we did a inlay with the solar panels because it is a true Spanish style roof. The panels are flush with the roof which provides for better aesthetics and better roof protection.

If you are thinking about solar or have any questions please call us at (858) 252-2280 or fill out the contact from below and we will reach out shortly.