3 More Tips for Finding Low Cost Solar Companies in San Diego

This is a follow-up to an earlier article that discussed 3 great tips for finding affordable San Diego solar installers.  In that piece, we talked about the importance of:

  • Reputation – including testimonials, Better Business Bureau standing, and Yelp ratings
  • Attitude – avoid solar companies that use commissioned sales teams.  Instead, stick with contractors whose primary goal is to service your needs
  • Experience – this is a no-brainer.  Any San Diego solar company with fewer than 25 installs is not worth considering

The article generated enough excitement that we decided to follow up with 3 more tips for finding affordable solar companies in San Diego.

Here we go.

1.  Hire San Diego Solar Companies That Understand Incentives

Almost no one pays full price for a new solar panel installation.  There are a ton of financing options, incentives, and rebates – many of which can be combined to dramatically reduce the overall cost of your system.

But not all solar companies in San Diego truly understand the financing landscape.  They fail to factor in the full range of local, state, and federal opportunities out there.  End result?  Their unlucky clients overpay.

When selecting a solar company for your upcoming installation, go local and get into specifics.

It’s not enough if the firm has managed projects in other parts of California.  You want someone who understands applicable incentives within the San Diego market.  Get even more local by only hiring contractors who have installed panels in Chula Vista, Ramona, or wherever you call home.

2.  Hire San Diego Solar Companies That Use Quality Parts

If you’re truly interested in affordability, you need to factor in lifetime costs – not just the money you have to pay upfront.

A well-installed system that uses high quality parts will last you 25 to 40 years, with very little upkeep.  But a poorly installed system that uses cheaper and inferior parts can quickly increase costs if you have to pay out of pocket for repairs, maintenance, or replacements.

Ask your solar company what kind of equipment it uses – and then research those parts online.  This extra bit of homework will actually save you money in the long run.

3.  When Hiring San Diego Solar Companies, Disregard Cost Altogether?

Want to keep costs down?  Then redirect all of your energy into finding the best solar installer possible – regardless of price.

It sounds a bit self-serving, doesn’t it?  Perhaps the only reason we’re encouraging you to ignore cost is so we can drive up our own prices?

Nothing could be further from the truth – and we can prove it.

Request a free solar quote from us (complete with installation costs, incentives, and financing) and request quotes from our top competitors.  You’ll discover that our prices are actually quite competitive.

No.  The reason we encourage you to ignore cost is because solar is an investment – not an expense.  And like any investment, you measure the true cost in ROI.  The better your solar installation, the faster the payback period and the higher your returns over the 25 to 40 years of your system’s useful lifetime.

We’ve covered this topic before in greater detail.  But the main takeaway is – you should focus on quality above all else.  This is, by far, the best way to keep solar installation costs down.

It almost defies logic – like some Zen koan.  But it’s true.

To learn more, contact us today for a free, no obligation solar consultation.