3 Home Installation Projects to Decrease Utility Bills and Add Curb Appeal
It seems as if every homeowner is looking for ways to decrease rising utility bills and add curb appeal to their home. Imagine the pride you’ll take in your house as passersby admire your home from the curb and you get to tell them that the latest additions to your home not only make it look great, but also have lowered your utility bills to virtually nothing!

If this sounds like a dream come true, read ahead to our list of three home installation projects to add curb appeal to your house and decrease those pesky utility bills.

Energy Efficient Windows

Most new homes are built with top-of-the-line energy efficient windows but it is always wise to see what type of window upgrades may be available, regardless of a home’s age.

Many older homes have single paned windows and cracked seals which can cause all the warm or cool air you’re paying for to leak from the home and the utility bills to rise as you attempt to keep your home at optimal temperatures. Energy efficient windows work in several different ways to ensure your home bills decrease, the most advantageous temperatures are reached and your homes looks great from the curb.

  • Conduction- Thanks to dual panes and other technologies, energy efficient windows reduce the conduction or direct transfer of heat through the window panes.
  • Air Infiltration- The gaps in the seals of older windows can use up 10% or more of a home’s energy usage. Energy efficient windows keep cold air from leaving the home in hot summer months as well as warm air in the winter.
  • Heat Loss and Solar Radiation-Energy efficient windows use low emissivity glass coatings to minimize heat loss and this same coating reduces solar radiation that may be entering the home, providing UV protection for home occupants and furniture. This gloss coating also adds a shine to your windows, insuring your home looks great from the sidewalk


Long before air conditioning was created, homeowners would use window awnings to reduce the amount of heat that entered a home. Over the years, fabric and aluminum awnings have become the standards of increasing curb appeal and many homeowners forget that they can actually decrease utility bills and work as they did in the 1900’s by minimizing a home’s heat intake.

Window awnings do this by providing shade at an angle to the windows which lets light into the home yet reduces the amount of heat radiated from the sun. Window awnings come is several different varieties (rounded, scalloped, flat, angled, fabric, glass) and can work on Tuscan, contemporary, traditional or even country cottage styled homes. Most types of window awnings are easy to install yourself and they look great on a home whilst reducing utility bills.

Solar Panels

Thousands of homeowners across the United States are aware of the bill lowering benefits of solar paneling but did you know that solar panels can also add curb appeal to your home? Installing solar panels on a home shows the world just how eco-friendly and budget savvy of a homeowner you are.

Most solar panels are placed on roofs but new, less expensive trends are leaning towards using solar panels on slanted window awnings, providing a sleek, clean and of course, energy efficient look to your home.

Decreasing Utility Bills and Adding Curb Appeal

Other easy ways to add curb appeal and energy efficiency to a home could be weatherproofing windows and doors, installing a custom patio cover for shade and style, or purchasing solar lighting for the front and back yards. Imagine the pride you’ll take in your house as passersby admire your home and you can tell them that the latest additions to your home not only make it look great, but also have lowered your utility bills and made your home eco-friendly.

About the Author

Cheryl Jones is the web marketing director for General Awnings and loves to read as well as write in her spare time. She also enjoys gardening and relaxing under the shade of her patio cover by the pool.