1 Major Benefit Your San Diego Solar Contractor Forgot to Mention
San Diego has many excellent solar contractors.

In fact, in Solar Power World’s 2013 list of 250 top PV installers, San Diego County produced 18 contractors (Sunline Energy came in at #159).

That’s more than 7% representation from a region with less than 1% of the national population.

Pretty impressive.  San Diego is clearly doing something right.  The word is getting out as contractors across the county convey to customers that:

  • Solar panels can dramatically reduce your electricity bills.  With a large enough installation, it’s possible to have $0 or even negative utility bills.
  • Solar panels can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.  Each additional kilowatt of installed solar capacity makes it easier to opt out of the fossil fuel game.

These 2 benefits are powerful enough to convince a growing number of homeowners and businesses to go solar.  Who doesn’t want lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint?

But there’s 1 additional benefit that many San Diego solar contractors leave out of the sales pitch:

  • Solar panels can dramatically increase the property value of your home or business.

That’s right.

By installing solar on your home or commercial property, you make it more valuable.  According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), for every $1 in annual energy savings from your installation, your home’s value goes up another $20.

Think about that for a second.

What other home improvement projects offer those types of returns?

As far as we know, none can.  Adding a bathtub or new kitchen cabinets is great.  But neither can save you money over the next 25 to 40 years.  And neither will increase the property value of your home as much as solar can.

Why Do San Diego Solar Contractors Leave This Info Out?

1 of the reasons why so many San Diego solar installers leave out the property value benefit is because they work exclusively in solar leases.

When you “rent” or “lease” your solar installation, you don’t actually benefit from the property value boost.  In fact, you’re creating a debt liability that could potentially scare away future homebuyers.

In order to reap the full benefits of a solar installation, you need to own your system.

Fortunately, prices have fallen enough that a growing number of Sunline Energy customers finance their installations entirely through savings.

But if you don’t have ready cash, you can also use a solar loan to pay for the system.  Because the payback periods are so short – especially in sunny San Diego – borrowing money to finance your installation is a wise investment.

To learn more about San Diego solar installations, property values, or payback periods, contact us today for a free consultation.