Matt Margolin
Solar panel installation in San Diego
San Diego has just reached a critical milestone in its long-term Climate Action Plan. According to SDG&E, there are now 100,000 privately owned solar photovoltaic (PV) systems connected to the local utility grid.
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The US solar industry has thrived under Barack Obama’s presidency. There were hiccups every now and then – like Solyndra. But overall, total solar output has mushroomed over the past 8 years.
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Climate change is a global phenomenon. Every single one of us is responsible – and every single one of us is affected. So you would think that we’d come together as a planet to address this environmental crisis.
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Climate change goals in San Diego
Last year, San Diego unveiled its Climate Action Plan – a bold initiative designed to move the county off of fossil fuels entirely by 2035. The plan also calls for a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by that same year.
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California’s wildfires used to be seasonal. Now they happen all year long, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.
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St. Petersburg green pledge
Florida is America’s official “Sunshine State.” But when it comes to solar power, it ranks pretty low on the list.
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Renewable energy for the windmills
The NREL has published an annual report outlining some of the green industry’s achievements over the previous year.
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